Fathers Word

Advice for life from a Father


Words of wisdom   for success in life
These are things that I want to teach my children and have, but in case I never have the opportunity to share these individual things or they weren’t received and remembered, they are here to remind you.

no order:) and certainly incomplete

share   what you know with others
don’t share everything
share your best ideas (don’t be afraid some one will steal them. they wont)
think! before you  talk emotion
Ask for advice often, especially from those who know/have experience
allow others their faults
allow yourself faults
always wear a seat belt
attempt perfection
expect failure and be prepared
don’t get romantically involved with any friends or relatives current or past honeys
protect yourself
protect others
walk tall
humble yourself
explore what fascinates you
your not the first to make that mistake
..or the last
under promise
over deliver
never assume
postulate but don’t propagate
allow others to win
treat others with kindness and respect always
always wash your hand after a # 2
be wrong
move with purpose
move without purpose
listen to music
read news
read    something else
experience joy
do cartwheels
read instructions
only form opinions from knowledge
eat desert
hug your dog
love always
I mean really L I S T E N
give with no expectation of return
people hear you
ask for the sale
make customers for life, they are the best source of future revenue, advertisement, referral
share your stuff and  yourself freely
help people gather/unify
regularly do something, however small, that moves you toward a long term goal
...even if  you don’t think you will ever even reach that goal.
never accuse
never betray
look good
eat different foods
watch out for ruts
nobody is looking at you
people are watching
a lot of other people are thinking the same thing  at the same time as you
6 billion people in the world
100 billion galaxies with 100 billion stars each
your not significant
you are significant
offer help
don’t over commit
don’t under achieve
ask for help
one should only have to gain trust after they have lost it
trust is given until trust is lost    then it must be earned
two ways to wealth…  have more or want less
practice remembering people and their names
experience   with   people not     at   them
talk with   people not     at   them
you are alone
you are among many
a favor today will bring many tomorrow
Religion is about community experience with God
Spirituality is about a personal experience with God
some live by there passion
others are ruled by their intelect
a special few have a perfect balance of the two
share your gifts and happiness will greet you at every turn
joy is brought to us
happiness is within us
peace, love, and understanding


There are more and I will  further explain some of these items. And will accept others contributions as I build this.


There are more and I will  further explain some of these items. And will accept others contributions as I build this.

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